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K J Bell are the biggest and best scrapyard in the area!

Making a trip to landfill? Try us first We will buy your unwanted scrap metal! (ID & payments)

We're conveniently located in Ellesmere Port and our local, happy friendly staff are always on hand to assist you.

We accept all kinds of ferrous and non-ferrous scrap metals - household, trade, commercial and industrial. We're fully licenced with the Council, Environment Agency & the British Metals Recycling Association (BRMA).


Is your house or garden starting to look like a junk yard? If you're thinking of taking a trip to landfill, drop by us first. We buy all kinds of metal waste including old metal tools, copper, brass, garden furniture, trampolines, bikes/kids toys, rotary washing lines, metal garden bins, bbqs, washing machines, dryers, cookers etc. See restrictions section below on scrap we cannot accept.

K J Bell Scrap metal buyer Ellesmere Port

Scrap Cars

We only accept complete cars that have been fully depolluted (i.e. all oil, water, fuel, electrics, seats/upholstery, carpets, lining, plastics and tyres/valves removed) - we purchase car shells and metal car parts, including door shells, panels, chassis, bonnets, boots, bumpers, exhausts, wheels without tyres or valves and lead acid batteries - we do not sell car parts.

We Buy scrap cars and batteries Ellesmere Port, K J Bell


Builders, plumbers, electricians, handymen. Don't let your homes/workshops get clogged up with old scrap. Swap that unsightly pile of mess for cash! We take in all kinds of trade metal waste such as copper and lead pipes, old tanks, cabling, taps/shower heads, broken tools, machinery, washing machines, cookers etc. Either fill your van and drive up or if your collection is over 2 tonnes in weight, we will provide a free skip service - Ring 0151 3559582 to arrange.

We Buy Trade Scrap Metal Waste Skip, K J Bell


The scrapyard is large enough to cater for any kind of metal waste of any size. Our experienced, trained staff are fully equipped with the latest machinery including 2, fifty tonne weighbridges on site. We regularly take in large tanks and vessels, we've even taking in light aircraft! Whatever metal waste you need to get rid of, large or small, we can take it off your hands.

Industrial Scrap Waste Removal Collection. K J Bell

When You Visit

If you bring scrap to our yard you will need ID, preferably your photo card driving licence as it has your photo and address on which must be in date. If you only have the older type paper licence without the photo card you will need to bring your passport which must be in date also proof of address such as bank statement, credit or debit card statement or utility bill less than 3 months old.

Receiving Payment

We are registered and regulated by the BMRA (opens a new window) and it is illegal to be paid cash for your scrap metal. You can be paid onto your debit card [which takes a couple of days to clear or you can take a cheque, it can only be made out to the person who shows their ID] Please ring 0151 355 9582 if you have any questions.

Responsible Recycling / Scrap Metal Restrictions

KJ Bell recycle responsibly and take both the law and impact on the environment very seriously. All scrap that comes into our yard is carefully inspected; we do not accept illegal scrap or precious metals. By law we cannot accept fridges, freezers, TV's/computer monitors, Gas Cylinders, Beer Barrels or Hazardous Waste (other than lead acid batteries). See section regarding Scrap Cars. Any questions, please get in touch.